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Phone Initial Information

Area Code 814
Phone Prefix 542
State Pennsylvania
Country United States
County Huntingdon
City Mount Union
Company Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc.
Line Type Landline

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1 discussion for phone number 814-542-1286

January 19, 2017 15:14:11

I got a call from this number as well, stating that a complaint has been filed against me. Gave a claim number and a weird contact phone # of 100013. Have never spoke to a person, it's always just a message. When I call 814-542-1286 it states this number is disconnected (not even a normal disconnected message). I have not called the 100013, and I'm not planning on it.
The strange thing is that I also got a call on my office phone stating there is a complaint being filed against me. I don't know if it came from this # and the information was less detailed.
I work in a legal profession, dealing with these type of complaints, suits, judgments, etc., daily, so until I receive mailing of a complaint being filed against me, I'm going to assume this is a scam. I have already checked my name at the local courthouse and nothing has been filed against me as of yet.

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