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Privacy And Policy

The privacy of our visitors/users is valuable and so we provide the exact protection from all gathered and used information. The (website) implements this privacy policy to help us determine the information or data we gather from our visitors/users. Same thing when they submit personal data or information.

For users or visitors who use this site, it is a requirement to follow the rules that we include on this implemented privacy policy.

Gathered Data/Information

When collecting data or information from individuals who are viewing our site, we typically ask them to send the name, email, home address, citizenship and more. The collection of data however only happens when the visitors or users present them willingly. We only use the data we gather to help in completing our service to the visitors/users and never utilize them for other purpose unless they permit us.

Gathering or Checking Internet Cookies

We check and monitor the different cookies for conformity online and we remind the visitors/users that we also have the consent of the European Union for cookies that originate from them. With this kind of approach, it ensures us proper tracking of individuals who view this site. The usual information we collect may include the operating system and browser when viewing this website. The importance of this method is to determine how many people who are using the site and viewing the available content we have. However, we do not use the information for unauthorized matters but for the improvement of our available services.

Sharing of Information

The data or information that our website collect may be distributed only to some government agencies and service providers we permit to resolve illegal matters. We may share them to other parties with agreement to us, but only under the permission of the law.

Modifying the Policy

We can alter or change the policy using our personal discretion with or without a notification.

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