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The list of phone numbers below that came from 270-215 are reported by other visitors of this website. If you want to share your experience from unknown callers, we will appreciate it.

Moises says:
2015-09-23 02:28:06

May 15, 2012 6:09PM PSTAnswered phone. Pause... then recorded message with ship horn and seagulls in background starting into a 1980's-used-car-salesman pitch about having won 2 passes for a boat ride of some sort. Only got 8 seconds in before I hung up.Spam call.

August says:
2015-12-16 18:59:30

how could u all think the boarding and baggage passes look real? there is no perforated edges, hell its not even on the right kind of paper. oh and on the boarding pass it says that it is not valid for travel only about 1000 times.

Billie says:
June 2, 2015 11:28:27

I am from san diego also. yesterday i got 2 calls from this number. today i got 3 more calls from this number. when i tried picking it up today,nobody answered. all i heard was a clicking noise. how can i stop this?

Parker says:
August 3, 2015 03:51:09

Got a call from Scott Bell and he had the wrong person, but would not listen to me. he is looking for a Karen(did not get the last name) from Castle IN. and she was suppose to make a payment today. So Karen if you read these-DONT PAY THEM ANYTHING-They are scammers!!!! they are fakes!!

Darrell says:
August 27, 2015 08:49:54

call n for someone who does not have this number

January 26, 2017 14:26:53

270-215-1897 claims to be a collection agency but are using using illegal practice of saying have a court docket number, leaving messages at WRONG number with debtor's name & details. RUDE when corrected them.

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