A Review of the Stump The Monkey Company

The Internet surely can guide many users to discover the best reverse phone lookup companies online today. Because the possible options are many, it is however important to choose the most dependable service provider that assures positive result and does not charge expensively. Stump The Monkey is a very dependable company when it comes to reverse look up service. It can provide the most updated information about different callers within the US and Canada using their modern investigating system. Like most of the available companies out there, they also have collaborated trusted look up websites.

Offers the Best and Quality Search Results

This reliable company is among the leading services in terms of investigating millions of phone numbers, Voice Over IP lines (VOIPs), landline numbers and cellular phone numbers. These numbers may come from various businesses, households and unknown callers that contact thousands of Americans each day. As part of the reverse lookup industry for the past few years, they know the importance of providing their clients the best and quality search results when using their expertise.

As opposed to their counterparts, they focus on giving the exact security to all the members of the family, particularly the elders. As for a person who wants to determine a cheating spouse through a mobile phone number, they can help provide the most relevant information about the number. Furthermore, they are more efficient in giving the best possible search results for various VOIPs, which their counterparts are not that capable to handle.

Requires Minimal Fees without Hidden Charges

Another very interesting factor about Stump The Monkey is that unless they find the best results for a client, they do not charge any service fee unlike their competitors. One of their goals is to make sure that their clients will receive useful information after using their service. As what they always say, there is no need to require a client to pay for the service fee without getting what he/she wants. This company only requires a single credit for each search, but does not include hidden charges, monthly subscription fees or annual fees. When making a decision to register, it is not necessary to compensate each month because the agreed contract determines on how long a member can use the available services.

Certain Limitations when Releasing Data

For those who need information about different cellular phone numbers, this company reminds them about certain limitations to consider when releasing data. They cannot assure that all the details about a particular cellular phone call are available if the number is a prepaid. One reason is that a SIM card number bought in a local retailer has no legitimate registration from an authorized provider. Despite of this, they still gather all possible information about the number and release them to the client immediately. In case they fail to present at least 60-70 percent truthful data, they do not charge anything.


Stump The Monkey is certainly a remarkable choice because it offers unlimited plans to their valued clients with reasonable charges. They do not immediately charge unless they gathered the exact information from the actual mobile and landline phone companies. Besides offering refunds, they also have a condition known as “No-Hit/No-Fee/No Questions Asked” policy. This means that if a client did not acquire the name, they will credit his/her account for the exact search.

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