Program Gathers Data Phone Calls Secretly Triggers Debates

A program known as M15 is gathering huge amounts of data involving phone calls in the United Kingdom secretly, which they explain its main intention is to search for connections about planned terrorism.

From the report of the BBC News, M15 is continuously gathering huge amount of data involving phone calls in UK and they had been doing this secretly to search for connections about the terrorists. For almost a decade now, this program had been running as the watchdog of the government to search for data about terrorism and under an indefinite agreement with the law.

Home Secretary Theresa May uncovered this program as a bill drafted to help in detecting communication data. As soon as they pass it to become an authorized law, there will be service providers who are going to manage the Internet activity of the people who live in the UK.

If this plan will push true, it is easier for the intelligence and police officers to determine the names of those who visit and can become suspected criminals. Although Theresa May believe that this can help prevent terrorism activities and lessen the crimes in Britain, there are supporters from the civil liberties who believe that this can make the Internet security of the people in UK vulnerable to unwanted attacks.

The reported news added that the proposed bill could protect the different activities of the police officers, M15 and M16 whenever they need to spy for communication data.

According to Edward Snowden, Britain is secretly listening to the GCHQs post and had been intercepting and gathering different messages from the Internet in huge amounts. He added that it might not be possible to gather both criminals and terrorist communication information on this type of approach.

Edward Snowden is a whistleblower from the United States.

In line with this issue, there is also a revelation where they permitted the security services of UK to gather huge amounts of data on various phone calls, but must follow the guidelines and safety procedures before getting the information.

The intention of this strategy is to verify subjects of interest in Britain and in other nations.

According to the report of David Anderson, the security services are becoming more uncomfortable involving their capacities to do their tasks. Anderson is an independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.

The BBC News added that from the statement of Andrew Parker, they give importance to access the data faster and reliably but without the data from the necessary communications, they will not detect countless of plots in the past 10 years.

Parker is the head of M15 and his statement came a week before they published the Powers Bill.

Parker actually had the same viewpoint like the Home Secretary because they claim that they utilized the huge amount of communications data in identifying the connections between certain individuals who planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange 4 years ago.

Because the public discovered this issue about the M15 program, there had been serious debates and questioning its capacities.

They will now make consultations about the draft bill before they introduce it to the Parliament in January 1, 2016, as it still need to pass the required votes.

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