The Defense Lawyer of Oscar Pistorius Commented Some Intriguing Words

The lawyer of Oscar Pistorius unintentionally recorded the phrase "that I am going to lose is a fact" during the appeal hearing of his client. Barry Roux is the lawyer of the convicted Pistorius who is facing a culpable homicide lawsuit because of killing his girlfriend in 2013.

According to the report of Mirror, Roux unintentionally recorded such phrase on the microphone during the appeal hearing while talking to one of the lawyers of the prosecution. Based on his comment in African words during his conversation with Gerrie Nel, losing the case is a fact.

Mr. Gerrie Nel is among the lawyers of the prosecution team.

This particular comment began to circulate at the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa wherein the team of the prosecution aims to reverse the verdict to murder, instead of culpable homicide. They believe that the conviction of Oscar ought to be a murder case.

Murder is one of the most serious offenses based on criminal records.

However, there is still no confirmation if his comment is referring to the totality of the appeal or in a different perspective. The lawyer himself is not giving any kind of information about this issue.

In 2014, they convicted Oscar Pistorius who is a popular double-amputee Olympian of culpable homicide because of killing Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013. Reeva is actually his girlfriend whom they found locked inside the toilet with gunshots.

This kind of disheartening incident happened inside the house of Oscar wherein he is claiming that his girlfriend might be an intruder who is inside the toilet that time.

He fired his gun four times hitting the locked door of the toilet.

In addition to this report, the prosecution team believes that the conviction of Oscar at the North Gauteng High Court is not favorable because it is a lesser criminal case. From the point of view of the prosecutors, the former Olympian should already knew that somebody is inside the toilet after firing his gun few times.

From a clearer explanation under the law in South Africa, a conviction of murder is possible if somebody foresees a possibility that a person is dying because of his/her actions and still pursues the shooting.

The action of Oscar can be an indication of a murderer and the conviction must not be culpable homicide only.

According to Nel, on the objective facts, an accused person must face a murder case.

In respond to this statement, the defense lawyer said that the toilet cubicle has still an available space that can escape the gunshots. Roux however added that the shooting incident can possible injure or kill the person inside.

Last month, they already release Oscar from jail after completing a one-year imprisonment and now under house arrest at the mansion of his uncle, the report added.

His conviction is now one of the most observed criminal records to date.

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